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7 Practical Hidden Uses for Lip Balm

It’s no secret that here at Lip Balm Now, we love lip balm. In fact, we’re kind of the lip balm experts. For years, we’ve been designing, creating, and shipping custom lip balm containers for party favors, special events, and businesses across the country, and our natural lip balms come in a wide range of flavors and colors to suit a variety of tastes. Over the years, we’ve discovered that lip balm is more than a natural lip moisturizer; there are some incredible, practical lip balm life hacks that can make your life easier, and we want to share some of them with you today!

Read on to learn more about the hidden uses for lip balm, and when you’re ready to try them yourself, place an order for your own batch of personalized lip balm from Lip Balm Now!

1. Clean and Defog Glasses

If you wear glasses, then you’ve probably experienced the temporary blindness of having them fog up whenever you open the dishwasher, transition suddenly from hot to cold environments (or vice versa), or simply sip some soup.

To help prevent fog from forming on your glasses, try this: use your finger to gently coat the lenses with a thin layer of lip balm, then wipe it away and polish with a clean, dry cloth. (Opt for microfiber cloth to avoid accidentally scratching the lens!) This should help to prevent (or minimize) fog formation, and as a bonus, it will make future cleaning faster and easier!

2. Slide Off Tight Rings

Listen up — nobody’s perfect, and some of us have fat fingers. Even the skinny-fingered among us are prone to swelling up every now and then, whether it be from heat, exercise, pregnancy, or any number of causes.

If you’re noticing that your wedding ring’s gotten a little tighter over the years, or you’re panicking in the store because the cheap ring you just impulsively smashed onto your finger while waiting in the checkout line won’t come off and even as you struggle to paw it loose, you are resigning yourself to your new permanent accessory — don’t panic! Moisturizing lip balms are natural lubricants, so simply apply some lip balm to the offending finger and slide that ring off quickly and easily.

3. Unstick Zippers

It seems like dealing with stuck zippers is a universal human experience. Who among us has escaped the frustration of trying to coax (and eventually, yank) a zipper out of a snag?

Fortunately, the problem is often easily solved with some well-placed lubricant, and lip balm is the perfect solution! Simply take the tube and rub the balm up and down both sides of the zipper’s teeth, getting as close as you can to the sticking point. This will help the zipper slide free of the jam — and as an added bonus, some folks claim that the waxy coating will also make the zipper more water-resistant.

4. Get Rid of Sticker Gunk

Do you hate sticker gunk? Don’t answer that, of course you do. We all do! Sticker designers, price tag inventors — why haven’t you come up with a solution that doesn’t leave a nasty, gunky mess behind when you remove your product? It can completely ruin the look and feel of a brand-new item, and it’s hard to scrape off with just a finger.

Until you can solve this dilemma, we’re taking matters into our own hands. Fortunately, with the power of lip balm on our side, no gunk will go un-gunked!

To get rid of that sticky residue, apply a layer of natural lip balm and wait 10 minutes. It should soften the gunk and allow for easier removal when you wipe it away with a clean cloth or paper towel.

5. Make a Mini-Candle

In a pinch, lip balm can be converted into a small candle. It probably won’t be sufficient to light up your living room in a blackout, but it will at least preserve a match flame for a while.

Open up the lip balm container and insert a match stick (wood side down, obviously) into the wax or balm. When you light the matchstick, it will absorb the wax and prevent the flame from burning all the way to the bottom of the wood, thus staying lit for a while longer, and giving you time to find a better candle. Or, you know, a flashlight.

6. Make Kindling Burn Longer

On a related note, we have a tip for the outdoorsy folks in the audience. On camping trips, do you often find yourself crouched over a cold fire pit, desperately trying to coax a lasting flame out of heaps of kindling that burn up too quickly? If you forgot the fire starter kit at home, you can make an impromptu kindling solution out of some dry bark and lip balm.

Strip some dry bark from a tree (juniper and cedar trees work well!) and rub lip balm throughout the fibers. Form a little nest at the bottom of the fire pit (making sure not to pack it too tightly so that oxygen has space to run through and feed the flames) and then light the entire mass. The balm will slow the burn time of the kindling, bettering your odds of catching a lasting flame.

7. Repair Scratched CDs

Do you have a few old, scratched-up CDs in your collection? If you’re craving a tune but the disc keeps skipping, then lip balm may offer a temporary solution.

Rub a tiny amount of lip balm on the damaged part of the CD to lubricate the scratched portions and make them less likely to skip. Admittedly, this will only be effective for small amounts of damage. For CDs whose surfaces look like they’ve been crossed over and over by tiny ice skaters… sorry, but you may just have to look those songs up online.

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