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Why Your Spa Needs a Custom Lip Balm

Owning a spa means that you are especially sensitive to the needs of your clients. From building a spa that offers services to help them reduce or eliminate their stress to planning the perfect decor, you are attuned to the ways that you can make their day better.

One easy, affordable way to anticipate a client need and advertise your business is with a special custom lip balm branded specifically for your spa. At Lip Balm Now, we are the leader in custom lip balms in the United States. We begin each batch with the finest ingredients available, and our printing process allows for clean, bold colors and the clearest logos and information on the labels. Browse our professionally designed labels on which you can add your logo and contact details, or create a fully custom design that will always be uniquely yours.

Read on to learn about three (of many) reasons why your spa can benefit from an order of bulk lip balm from Lip Balm Now!

Lip Balm is Needed at a Spa

When you want the experience you have created to be seamless and wonderful, have balm on hand for clients who are using a dry steam room, or for clients with chapped lips during the winter. This little gesture is endearing and extremely helpful, as there are few things more annoying than having chapped lips, especially when you want your clients to feel as if every cell of their body is being pampered.

A small basket of lip balm at the check-in desk or inside of your spa means that your clients will never have to go back to a locker room or dig through their belongings for their own lip balm. The more you can separate them from the stress of the outside world, the more magical your spa will feel to them.

Lip Balm Makes a Great Gift for Your Clients

When you put together gift bags for your clients, include a branded lip balm. One can never have too many lip balms, and your clients will appreciate yet another personal touch from your spa. You can even add a few extras that they can give to their friends and family members.

If you don’t give out gift bags, instead add lip balms to every bag that includes a purchase of lotion, oils, or other products you have for sale.

Custom Lip Balm is Great Advertising

Each time one of your customers uses your lip balm, they are showing your business off to everyone around them. The sight of your name and logo will keep your spa in their mind, which can help your return business. There are few methods of advertising as affordable and easy as a branded lip balm.

Lip Balm Now has many custom lip balms that will make your spa stand out from the competition. Order your new lip balm from us today, as well as a selection of empty tubes and supplies that you may be able to use for bottling your own special recipes.