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​Hand Out Custom Lip Balm at Your Dentist Office

If you’re a dentist, you’re dedicated to helping everyone who comes into your office. From scheduled teeth cleanings and X-rays to dental implants, root canals, and other dental procedures, there are so many things that you need to think about in order to provide the best possible care that it can be difficult to remember some of the little details about the front of your office, including the waiting room.

In addition to having a comfortable atmosphere, it is a good idea to have things that will help your patients relax. Magazines and newspapers give them something to do, and a water cooler allows them to quench their thirst. One excellent perk that many people like at their dentist’s office is free lip balm. Lip balm tastes great and will allow your patients to moisturize their lips, which will greatly reduce their discomfort during their exams or procedures.

Check out our online store now to see some of the options that we have available for dentist’s offices. While you can start with a pre-designed label and add your office’s contact info, we make it easy to create your very own custom label using a picture of your choosing along with your logo. We have created a number of great flavors, including several all-natural options, and you get to choose a lip balm tube color that matches your office’s branding.

Great For People With Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a serious issue. Between 9-15% of Americans have some level of dental anxiety. In addition to the physical symptoms that can manifest during a visit to the dentist’s office, it may force many people to never see a dentist. Creating a welcoming environment is an important step to helping people overcome their dental anxiety or phobia. While it may sound silly, something as small as a tube of lip balm can help. Showing your patients that you care about them from the second they walk in to your practice is vital to helping them handle their anxiety.

Great For Any Patient Who Had A Long Procedure

Even the best patients can have a hard time after long or complicated procedures, and it is fairly common for people, even after a short exam, to have dry lips. Keeping a basket of lip balm at the front desk is a great way to help them feel more comfortable after their appointment. If you give out bags with a tooth brush, toothpaste, and floss to all of your patients, add a custom lip balm, too!

When you’re ready to order a lip balm for your office, be sure to check out the lip balm labels that are made just for dentist’s offices at Lip Balm Now. Our graphic designers have created fun labels that allow you to add the name of your practice, your phone number, and other contact info to them. We print them out, attach them to one of our lip balm tubes, and fill them with lip balms that taste great and make your lips feel great.