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Why You Need Lip Balm in the Summer

Everyone knows that lip balm is important during the winter when our skin is dry and the cold weather leaches the moisture from our lips. Though summer may bring warmer temperatures and increased humidity, you should still make sure to carry lip balm with you. Here are a few benefits to using lip balm in the summer.

  • Your lips can still get chapped during the summer. Summer means drinking iced tea, lemonade, and other acidic beverages that can, over time, dry out your lips. Keeping a lip balm handy will help you prevent chapped lips before your skin has the chance to dry out.
  • Properly hydrated skin heals faster. Who hasn’t burned themselves on an overly hot slice of pizza or corn straight off the grill? Lip balms with soothing aloe and moisturizing oils can help your lips heal faster than they would on their own.
  • Lip balms often contain ingredients that protect you from sunburn. Like the rest of your skin, your lips can be damaged by exposure to the sun. Using a lip balm with even a low amount of SPF can prevent sunburn and the peeling skin that comes with it.
  • You’ll look younger. Lip balm moisturizes and hydrates your lips, giving you the appearance of more youthful skin. When used regularly, lip balm may even reduce the appearance of wrinkles on and around your lips.

While you can buy pre-made lip balm, why not make a custom blend that’s just right for your skin. At Lip Balm Now, we have the widest selection of lip balm tubes and containers available. Order your custom lip balm tubes today!