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Why Men Should Wear Lip Balm

Men should wear lip balm for some very good reasons! Most men seem to be ignorant of this mostly because they are stubborn creatures and will often shy away from anything that isn’t masculine. Unfortunately lip balm seems to fall into this category. Because of this most men wouldn’t even consider wearing lip balm but they should. It provides essential UV protection and helps with general lip care. Men need to be shown the many benefits bulk lip balm can provide and know what products are out there that cater to their specific needs. What are the benefits that a good lip balm can provide? Many men work outdoors in all types of weather and they often forget to protect themselves from the sun. Studies have shown that men are at a higher risk of getting skin cancer on their lips. Harsh weather conditions like the cold dry air of winter and strong winds can dry out unprotected lips.

Even the white collar worker has environmental factors to battle. Most offices have air conditioning running full blast which pulls the humidity out of the air. This can lead to drying of the lips. If this is combined with large amounts of caffeine dehydration can easily occur. It is important to present the men in your life with the facts so they know the benefits of a good lip balm. If they are not easily persuaded show them some of the brilliant products out there that specifically catered for men’s needs. A lot of main brands that make lip balm have a version for men that are fragrance and shine free. Remember that real men wear lip balm!