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Why Does Some Lip Balm Make Your Chapped Lips Worse?

If you’ve used a variety of different lip balms, you may have noticed that some work wonders on your lips while others make your chapped lips worse. Even high-quality and well-trusted brands may aggravate the problem rather than soothing your chapped lips. If you’ve ever wondered what it is about these lip balms that keeps your lips from healing, read on!

It’s All in the Ingredients

The ingredients of your lip balm matters just as much as the ingredients in your hair conditioner. Some are simply more effective at retaining moisture than others. While ingredients like glycerine and hyaluronic acid are added to lip balm to aid in moisture retention, they can actually have a drying effect on your skin. These ingredients on their own can pull moisture out of your lips, resulting in more chapped skin.

What Do You Need Instead?

Simply look for lip balms that use both humectants (ingredients that trap moisture) and occlusive ingredients (substances that keep the moisture from evaporating). Occlusive ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter will work with the glycerine to keep your lips from losing moisture and the added conditioners in the oils will help restore any lost moisture and soothe your chapped skin.

Make Your Own

If you’re concerned about the amount of moisturizers in store-bought lip balm, consider making your own. Lip Balm Now has all the tubes and containers you need to start making your own lip balm with whatever ingredients appeal to you. We offer a wide range of colored plastic tubes as well as metal tins. Looking to make a statement? Add a custom label design to your lip balm. Order your lip balm tubes today!