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Uses For Lip Balm Other Than On Your Lips

If you are anything like me, you know how important lip balm can be on those dry, winter days, but do you know all of the uses for lip balm other than on your lips? Here are some favorite uses for lip balm that are always helpful:

Hair Taming

One of the best uses for lip balm that works like a charm is taming unruly hair. Have you have ever woken up to frizzy or dry hair or stepped into a bathroom to check the mirror and find that there are a few pieces of hair attempting to escape? Just rub a little bit of lip balm on your palms or fingertips of your hands and fix your hair in an instant. Next time, instead of dabbing water all over your hair, give chapstick a try.

Make Up

Another easy yet extremely helpful use for lip balm is replacing your eye primer with this moisturizing alternative. Primer is a must when wearing eye shadow, but now you don’t have to spend the cash on it. Lip balm works just as well and helps to keep you looking fresh all day long.

Dry Skin

Have you ever discovered those itchy patches of dry skin that are irritating and uncomfortable but you just ran out of your favorite skin moisturizer? Don’t fret! Lip balm to the rescue. Dab a little on your fingers and gently rub on dry skin. Chapstick is also a great blister preventer if you plan on wearing heels or going for a run.

Oiling Zippers

Ever go to zip up your sweatshirt, tent, or any other sticky zipper and find yourself struggling more than you need to? Spread a little lip balm on the zipper and try again. The lubricating qualities of lip balm will help loosen up the stuck zipper and help you unzip or zip more smoothly.

Shine Shoes

Want to add some shine and sparkle to your dull looking shoes? If you spread a little bit of lip balm and buff your shoes with a clean, dry rag, your chapstick will double as a handy shoe shiner. Also, spread a little balm across the knot of laces so they stay in place better during a long day.

Stop Minor Cuts & Scratches

If you knick yourself on a sharp edge of paper or get a little scrape, lip balm can soothe and help to heal your minor cut faster.

Repair Scratched CDs

This use for lip balm is probably one of the most surprising. I am not sure how many people still listen to CDs on a regular basis, but if you have a few laying around in drawers with some scratches on them, just spread a little bit of lip balm and wipe away the excess.

If you go through lip balm like nothing else when your lips are chapped, now you are going to go through it faster. If you were surprised by all the interesting ways lip balm can be used, imagine the many other uses! Place your bulk order with Lip Balm Now.