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​Order Bulk Lip Balm For Your Office

Now that winter is here, it is pretty common to hear people talk about how dry their skin and lips are getting. If you live in a climate where it is both dry and cold, it can be really bad. Make your employees feel better and give them a fun, branded way to rep the company with a custom lip balm from Lip Balm Now! We make it incredibly easy to order bulk lip balm that features your logo, artwork, and business information. Read to to learn about why a custom lip balm is a great idea for your office during the winter, summer, or any other time of the year!

A Little Can Go A Long Way

Lip balm is one of those little things that has a oversized impact. When you really need to moisturize your lips to keep them from cracking, nothing is more important than having one of those little tubes full of tasty, moisturizing bliss. When you need it and you don’t have one, your lips can become the center of your universe and not in a good way. Ordering bulk lip balm for the office is an excellent way of keeping your team happy, healthy, and on-track to hit their goals. The gesture alone is one that almost everyone will be thankful for, and it is an inexpensive way to show you care. Don’t waste your money trying to find something you hope people might like and get something everyone will love — lip balm! Lip balm is great for dry winters and sunny summers, so make sure you have enough on hand all year long.

Perfect For Employees and Clients

In addition to being a great way of showing the office that you care, hand out lip balm emblazoned with your logo, URL, and phone number to your clients when you visit them or when they come to your office. Not only is it a useful gift, they’re also more likely to remember it than a business card. Heading to a convention or trade show? Bring a bunch with you to give to people that you meet. When they get home and start tossing business cards and pamphlets into the trash, because, honestly, who needs more of that, they’ll keep your custom lip balm. Every time they use it, they will see your logo.

As you can see, there is really no downside to ordering bulk customized lip balm for your office. Your employees will love it and so will your clients! Check out our site today to find the perfect kind of lip balm for your team. When you use out site, you can choose the lip balm tube color, flavor, and decide if you want to use one of our labels and add your info to it, or if you want to have your own custom artwork on the label. Whatever you choose, we will professionally print the labels and make up the bulk lip balm that you want in quantities as large as 100,000 tubes! If you have questions, please get in touch with us.