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​Lip Balm Through History

Lip balm is a product that is so ubiquitous in modern society that it can be easy to think that it has been around forever. Chances are, you’ve used lip balm at some point this week. It is everywhere we look, from television to our day to day life. Think back to the first time you used lip balm. It was probably so long ago that you don’t even remember, right? Most of us have been using lip balm since we were small children. In this blog, we will look back at a brief history of lip balm.

Ancient lip balms
Before modern lip balm was invented, people still suffered from chapped lips. So it makes sense that they must have had some method to deal with this affliction. Here are a few of the different products that humankind used to protect their lips from the sun and the wind before lip balm was invented:

  • Animal fats
  • Beeswax
  • Nut butters
  • Natural oils

As you can see, many of these ingredients are ones that can be found in certain brands of lip balms even today.

Modern lip balm is invented

In the 1870s, the seeds for modern lip balm were sown when Robert Chesebrough registered the patent for Vaseline in the United states. Later that century, the world’s first lip balm was invented by a physician in Lynchburg. This same physician would later sell his recipe to the man who would go on to found the most famous lip balm company of the twentieth century.

As you can see, lip balm has an interesting history. Order yours today!