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Keep Lip Balm Handy on Your Wedding Day

Summer is wedding season and while the temperatures are just now starting to cool off across the country, the need for properly hydrated lips is just as prevalent as ever. While you may think to apply and reapply your lipstick during the course of your special day, be sure to remember to use lip balm! Here are a few reasons lip balm can make all the difference on your wedding day:

  • Your lips will look nicer. While lipstick will give you the perfect color for your wedding dress, it can often dry your lips out, leaving your lips cracked and sore by the end of the day. Keep your lips hydrated using an all-natural lip balm.
  • You’ll be smiling a lot. Whether you’re posing for photos or simply talking with family, you’ll probably be smiling for the entire day. All that smiling can put a strain on your skin. Using a lip balm throughout the day will keep your lips happy and smile ready.
  • Pictures are important. Unfortunately, lipstick highlights dry lips and the camera is rarely forgiving. When your lips are moisturized, you’ll be able to focus on how beautiful your dress was in your wedding pictures rather than dwelling on your cracked lips.
  • Nerves happen. It’s normal to get nervous on your special day and it’s common for nerves to make our mouths dry out. When you go to say your vows, the last thing you want is for your lips to stick to your teeth. While a lip balm won’t always keep your lips from sticking to your teeth, it will minimize the risk.
  • You’ll need wedding favors. Lip balm is a fantastic wedding favor for your guests and our lip balm tubes can be customized with a beautiful label design to celebrate your special day.

Lip Balm Now has a large selection of customizable lip balm tubes and labels sure to suit your preferences and your wedding theme. Browse our selection today and choose between pre-filled tubes or empty lip balm containers. Order yours today!