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Does Lip Balm Help Your Spa?

Spas are considered the authority on beauty and relaxation. When clients come to a spa, they expect to be pampered. They expect all their beauty-related questions to be answered, and they trust the technicians working on them. Since your clients put such faith and trust in your services, you may find it beneficial to offer additional products that your clients can bring home with them. Whether you’re looking for an additional income idea, or simply want to send your clients home with top-notch goodie bags, a custom lip balm may be the right choice for you.

Why Offer Lip Balm?

Lips are one of the most neglected and under-moisturized parts of skin on the human body. While many people are great about remembering to put lotion on their face, hands, and arms, they often forget that their lips are exposed to the same elements and damage as the rest of their skin. Encouraging them to use lip balm regularly will improve the health of their lips and can extend the spa experience after their treatment.

Why Custom Lip Balm?

You use and carry products that you believe in and your moisturizers are likely of the highest quality. Many pre-made lip balms are full of unnecessary additives that dry out skin rather than moisturizing it. Blending your own lip balm allows you to maintain the same high quality standards without paying an exorbitant amount for a formula made off site. Your lip balm can contain only the ingredients you believe beneficial for your clients.

Our lip balm tubes and containers come unfilled, letting you craft a signature lip balm for your business. Browse our selection of empty lip balm tubes today and give your clients a way to take their spa experience home with them.