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5 Unique Uses For Lip Balm

If there’s one thing people are, on average, it’s resourceful. Our species excels when it comes to multipurposing items in our time of need. Things like using a banana peel to shine shoes, or applying toothpaste on a car head light to clean off gunk.

Maybe you think there’s a single use for lip balm. But there are some pioneers out there that have found a few new uses. Read on for 5 unique ways for your lip balm to help you.

  1. If you’ve got a cold and need to keep blowing your nose, eventually you’ll have dry and patchy skin around your nostrils. A little lip balm applied to the area works wonders.
  2. Lip balm is also a champ when it comes to dealing with cuts caused by shaving. It’ll remove the pain and stop bleeding in seconds, and you won’t look like a refugee from a horror movie.
  3. Want to prevent blisters if you’re wearing shoes, but you’re not wearing socks or hose? Simply put a little lip balm on the backs of your heels to reduce friction.
  4. If you’re a frequent flier for work or pleasure, you know recirculated air on airplanes can dry you out, particularly the insides of your nostrils. Put some lip balm on a tissue or cotton swab, then gently apply it to the problem area for fast relief.
  5. Lip balm is also great for rehydrating the cuticles of your nails.